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How We Stand Out

We do what we say we are going to do and our values reflect it. This applies to employees, co-workers, vendors, and clients. The quality of our work and providing a safe work environment at our partners job sites are taken seriously. We work to analyze each activity to ensure the safest approach is taken while producing an exceptional product.

As a licensed, bonded, insured and DBE / MBE contractor JL Service Group has the expertise to assist you with your pre-construction planning and plan & specification bids, in addition to providing a team of experienced, skilled mechanics for a complete HVAC system installation.

Who We Serve

Strategically located in the Durham North Carolina we will provide service anywhere in the state of North Carolina given the project's scope of work. We specialize in HVAC mechanical construction, retrofit, renovation, and specialty heating, cooling, and ventilation service projects.
Our customer base includes industrial facilities, state and local government buildings and municipalities, transportation facilities, and commercial corporate buildings.


Water Treatment Plants


Wastewater Facilities


Pump Stations


Critical Cooling Centers


Commercial Buildings


Transportation Facilities

What We Provide

We set and install heating, cooling, ventilation equipment and refrigerant piping systems for our clients along with the air distribution systems that are associated with them.

Air distribution materials we install

Stainless Steel
Galvanized Metal
Duct Sleeves

Equipment Installations

Make up air
CRAC (Critical Room Air Conditioning)
Comfort, Process, and Equipment Cooling
Unit Heaters

Ventilation Installations

Supply & Exhaust fans

Refrigerant piping

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Customer Feedback

Our Certifications

JL Service Group is a licensed, bonded, and insured, DBE/MBE HVAC mechanical contracting company.

Mechanical Contracting License H2, H3-1

Electrical Contracting License SP-PH

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Minority Business Enterprise

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